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Siemens Speed Sensor SITRANS WS300

Siemens Speed Sensor SITRANS WS300

Siemens Speed Sensor SITRANS WS300

Product Code: SITRANS WS300

Manufacturer: Siemens

SITRANS WS300 is a low- to high-resolution shaft-driven speed sensor.

SITRANS WS300 speed sensor operates in conjunction with a conveyor belt scale, providing a signal to an integrator which computes the rate of material being conveyed. At only 1.22 kg (2.68 lbs), it is one of the lightest and most durable units ever developed for monitoring conveyor belt speed. With its rugged cast aluminium housing, it is suitable for outdoor installation, and its low weight prolongs bearing life.

It is directly coupled to a rotating tail or bend pulley shaft to ensure accurate belt-travel readout, eliminating problems caused by belt slippage or material build-up. The WS300 converts shaft rotation into a pulse train of 32, 256, 1000, or 2000 pulses per revolution using a high precision rotary optical encoder. The digital signal is transmitted as speed input to any Siemens integrator for calculation of belt speed, flow rate and totalized weight.

This low- to high-resolution speed sensor provides a frequency signal proportional to the shaft speed, enabling a range of speeds to be read accurately. The quadrature type shaft encoder prevents erroneous speed signals due to vibration or shaft oscillation. The WS300 is easily mounted and is bi-directional for either clockwise or counter-clockwise belt travel.

The IS version uses an inductive proximity switch detecting rotating targets.

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