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Siemens SITRANS WW100

Siemens SITRANS WW100

Siemens SITRANS WW100

Product Code: SITRANS WW100

Manufacturer: Siemens


  • High accuracy
  • High turn down ratio 100 … 10 % of capacity
  • Corrosion resistant components
  • Fast and easy belt removal for replacement or cleaning
  • Simple installation, easy to clean and maintain
  • Pre-programmed drive for servo motor control



SITRANS WW100 is one of the most accurate in-motion weighing systems on the market. It is specially designed for high accuracy
on light loading processes. The design eliminates material buildup to ensure accurate, reliable measurement.

The unique long length platform weigh bridge mounts directly to a corrosion-resistant platform load cell. An adjustable mechanical
shear gate profiles the material and fixes the correct material bed depth for a given material particle size. The belt speed can
be automatically adjusted to attain the correct feed rate.

Standard components include an anti static food grade belt, gravity tensioned roller, tail pulley driven belt for maximum
weighing accuracy, belt tracking rollers, belt scraper and plow for self cleaning.

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