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Siemens SITRANS FPS200 Primary Flow Element

Siemens SITRANS FPS200 Primary Flow Element

Siemens SITRANS FPS200 Primary Flow Element

Product Code: Siemens FPS200

Manufacturer: Siemens

Primary differential pressure devices are standardized mechanical flow sensors, often also referred to as differential pressure transducers. The primary differential pressure devices are calculated and manufactured according to DIN EN ISO 5167.

Through constriction of the line diameter in the pressure device, the flow rate creates a differential pressure that is converted with the help of a differential pressure transmitter into a proportional current signal or flow value. The assignment of differential pressure to flow is created by a calculation of the primary differential pressure device.

Primary differential pressure devices are suitable for single-phase media such as gas, vapor and liquids without solid components.


  • Suitable for universal use across the globe and widely accepted in all industries
  • Very robust and can be used in a wide range of nominal diameters
  • Suitable for high temperature and pressure ranges
  • Low uncertainty of measurement
  • No wet calibration required as they use an internationally standardized flow rate measurement procedure
  • Differential pressure transmitter can be used over a long distance from the measuring location
  • Differential pressure method is well known and has a large installed base
  • SITRANS P differential pressure transmitter is easy to parameterize again if process data change. They are adapted by recalculating and assigning new parameters to the transmitter or, in case of an orifice plate with annular chamber, by using a new orifice disk.
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