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Siemens SITRANS P280 with wireless communication

Siemens SITRANS P280 with wireless communication

Siemens SITRANS P280 with wireless communication

Product Code: SITRANS P280 for gauge and absolute pressure

Manufacturer: Siemens


The SITRANS P280 is a pressure transmitter that features Wireless HART as the standard communication interface.

Also available is a wired interface to connect a HART modem:

  • Flexible pressure measurements
  • Save costs on writing for difficult installation conditions. Wireless technology offers cost advantages in cases where extensive wiring cots would normally apply.
  • It enables additional hitherto unfeasible measuring points, particularly for monitoring purposes.
  • Easy installation on moveable equipment parts
  • Enables cost-effective temporary measurements, for example for process optimizations.
  • Optimum addition to wired communication and expansion of solution options for system solutions in process automation


The SITRANS P280 is a WirelessHART field device for measuring absolute and gauge pressure.

The measuring ranges for absolute and gauge pressure measurements are 0 to 1.6, 10, 50, 200 and 320 bar (0 to 23, 145, 725, 2900 and 4641 psi).

The sensor is integrated into the transmitter casing.

On the wireless communication side, the transmitter supports the WirelessHART standard. For initial commissioning in particular, a HART modem can be connected to the transmitter. You can alternatively opt for simple and easy local operation using the pushbuttons w/o any additional handset devices.

It can be used in all industries and applications in non-explosive areas.


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