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Siemens Milltronics MFA 4p

Siemens Milltronics MFA 4p

Siemens Milltronics MFA 4p

Product Code: Siemens Milltronics MFA 4p

Manufacturer: Siemens

Milltronics MFA 4p motion failure alarm controller is a highly sensitive single setpoint motion sensor system, used with Milltronics MSP and XPP probes. It detects changes in the motion and speed of rotating, reciprocating or conveying equipment. It warns of equipment malfunction and signals through contacts to shut down machinery in case of a slowdown or failure.


  • Cost-effective way to protect valuable process equipment
  • Switch selectable overspeed or underspeed detection
  • Setpoint adjustment 2 to 3000 PPM (pulses/minute)
  • Adjustable start-up time delay
  • Visual indication of probe operation and relay status
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