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Siemens SITRANS P500 Transmitters

Siemens SITRANS P500 Transmitters

Siemens SITRANS P500 Transmitters

Product Code: Siemens SITRANS P500 Transmitters

Manufacturer: Siemens

This product is going to be made Obsolete and will be replaced by the Siemens SITRANS P420

SITRANS P500 pressure transmitters are digital pressure trans- mitters featuring extensive user-friendliness and which fulfil the most stringent demands of accuracy, long-term stability, speed and lots more.

Extensive functionality allows you to set the pressure transmitter specifically to your own requirements. Despite their many set- tings options, local set-up is easy. A multi-lingual menu with clear text instructions guides you through the process. There are also help texts available.

The innovative EDD with integrated Quick Start assistance is also quick and easy to configure by computer using the HART protocol.
Extensive diagnostic functions, e.g. min/max pointer for pres- sure and temperature, or limit value indicator, make sure you always have the process under control. You can also display additional process values such as temperature or static pressure. The simultaneous display of mass, resulting from a volume, is also easy.

The SITRANS P500 pressure transmitters can be configured to measure:

  • Differential pressure
  • Volume
  • Mass
  • Mass flow
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