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Siemens SITRANS P420 Absolute Pressure

Siemens SITRANS P420 Absolute Pressure

Siemens SITRANS P420 Absolute Pressure

Product Code: SITRANS P420 Absolute Pressure

Manufacturer: Siemens

SITRANS P420 is the first pressure transmitter on the market to feature remote safety handling. The instruments’ remote safety handling via SIMATIC PDM saves time during SIL commissioning: rather than manually attending to each individual device across a facility, operators can program transmitters from the control room. This reduces the commissioning time in applications requiring functional safety.

The devices are suited for applications where safety is critical: in industries such as chemical, oil and gas, and power generation.

Besides that both pressure transmitters have an increased proof test interval over other devices on the market, significantly lowering maintenance costs with testing periods of up to fifteen years rather than every two.

The reduced response time of the devices optimizes the process efficiency by speeding up the control system’s response to changing application environments.

SITRANS P420’s user-friendly features also include a new larger and improved HMI display, showing users the device’s status at a glance. The setup is convenient and quick thanks to four-button programming, NAMUR NE107 support and a quick start wizard.


  • Full SIL-2/3 assessment
  • Reduced commissioning time due to remote safety handling
  • Suitable for harsh conditions due to robust materials
  • User-friendly due to clear display and diagnostic icons acc. to NAMUR NE107
  • Maintenance cost reduction due to proof test interval up to 15 years
  • Fast reaction and optimized processes due to reduced response time
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