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Siemens SITRANS LVS300

Siemens SITRANS LVS300

Siemens SITRANS LVS300

Product Code: SITRANS LVS300

Manufacturer: Siemens

SITRANS LVS300 is a vibrating rod point level switch for high, low, or demand level detection of bulk solids. The durable single rod probe avoids bridging and withstands harsh application conditions.


  • Ease of setup with no calibration and rotatable enclosure
  • Flexible customer supplied rods up to 4 m for ease of maintenance 
  • High resistance to mechanical forces
  • Suitable for point level detection of light bulk materials starting from 20g/l (1.2 lb/ft³)
  • Adjustable sensitivity for varied applications
  • Extension and process connection in stainless steel with high surface quality
  • Process connection from 1” for installation flexibility
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