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Siemens SITRANS FUS380

Siemens SITRANS FUS380

Siemens SITRANS FUS380

Product Code: SITRANS FUS380 standard

Manufacturer: Siemens

The SITRANS FUS380 is a battery or mains supply powered 2-track flowmeter designed for numerous standard applications. It can be used in all utility applications for water flow monitoring. The SITRANS FUS380 has a display that indicates various measurement values and diagnostics. In addition, the display is fitted with an IrDA optical interface for communication with SIMATIC PDM, which can be used for data transfer and programming. Optional add-on RS 232 and RS 485 modules include MODBUS RTU protocol.


  • Battery-powered up to 6 years
  • 115/230 V mains-powered with back-up battery option in case of mains power failure
  • Fast measuring frequency 15 Hz/0.5 Hz (230 V AC/Battery)
  • Easy one-button straight forward display
  • 2-path measuring principle for optimum accuracy
  • Compact or remote mounting
  • Measures on most district water qualities and water conductivities
  • No pressure drop
  • Long-term stability
  • 2 galvanically isolated digital outputs for easy connection to a calculator (potential-free)
  • Bidirectional measurement, with 2 totalizers and outputs
  • Dynamic range q(min) : qs (max) up to 1:400

The main application for SITRANS FUS380 is measurement of water flow or water flow in energy meter systems in district heating networks or chilled water.

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