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Siemens SITRANS FS220

Siemens SITRANS FS220

Siemens SITRANS FS220

Product Code: SITRANS FS220

Manufacturer: Siemens

The SITRANS FS220 digital clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter provides the most essential flow measurement functionalities with superior accuracy, cost efficiency and ease of use. It is the best-in-class solution for straightforward flow monitoring of liquid processes. The SITRANS FS220 flow system consists of a SITRANS FST020 transmitter paired with SITRANS FSS200 clamp-on ultrasonic sensors, which are available in three different versions: WideBeam® (High-Precision), Universal and High-Temperature. The FSS200 sensors feature low maintenance and high precision – even for applications with high levels of aeration or suspended solids.


Built on the same architecture as other next-generation digital flow systems from Siemens, the SITRANS FS220 features among others:

  • High accuracy and repeatability – accuracy of 1% of flow rate and repeatability of 0.25% according to ISO 11631
  • Exceptional zero stability – minimal need to set a zero point
  • Best-in-class user-friendliness – fully graphical display with simple menu navigation, multiple setup wizards and the option to display up to 6 customizable parameters on the same screen
  • Easy servicing – includes removable SensorFlash® microSD card and built-in USB service port
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