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Siemens SITRANS FCS200

Siemens SITRANS FCS200

Siemens SITRANS FCS200

Product Code: SITRANS FCS200

Manufacturer: Siemens

The ultra-compact SITRANS FCS200 sensor fits in where space is crucial, providing extra flexibility in any compressed natural gas (CNG) application for both new installations and replacements. With unparalleled accuracy and capacity under high pressure and hazardous conditions, the SITRANS FCS200 sensor sets a new standard for efficiency and safety in CNG.

It is available in three sizes and is easy to install, with a wide range of different connections available.


  • High accuracy gas measurement
  • Approved for use in hazardous area
  • DN 10 and DN 15 is custody transfer approved, according to OIML R 139 (Compressed gaseous fuel measuring systems for vehicles). For custody transfer applications SIFLOW FC070 Ex CT must be used.
  • Self-draining in vertical orientation
  • Pt1000 temperature measurement for optimum accuracy
  • SENSORPROM enabling true “plug & play”
  • Rigid enclosure design reducing influence from pipeline vibration and thermal stress
  • High-pressure measurement up to 350 bar (5076 psi)
  • Ultra compact sensor design with space-saving split flow

SITRANS FCS200 is designed for measurement of gases and is suitable for use in the oil and gas industry:

  • Filling of gas bottles
  • CNG dispensers
  • Metering of general gas applications
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