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Siemens SITRANS FVA250 Flowmeter

Siemens SITRANS FVA250 Flowmeter

Siemens SITRANS FVA250 Flowmeter

Product Code: SITRANS F VA 250

Manufacturer: Siemens

The SITRANS F VA 250 variable area flowmeters (rotameter)  with a standard length of 250 mm (9.84 inch) and their completely metal design can be used to measure many different types of liquids and gases passing through closed piping. The robust design of the rotameter means that they can also be used in harsh conditions. Different types of flanges, liners and float materials satisfy the requirements of the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. 


  • Standard design available at short notice
  • Robust all-metal fitting with impact-resistant housing cover
  • Can also be used for corrosive and flammable media
  • Use possible at high pressures and temperatures
  • Product and percentage scales
  • Can be optionally fitted with heating and cooling sheaths
  • Contamination-insensitive guiding of float
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