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Siemens SITRANS AS100

Siemens SITRANS AS100

Siemens SITRANS AS100

Product Code: SITRANS AS100

Manufacturer: Siemens

SITRANS AS100 is an acoustic sensor used for solids flow detection. It detects changes in high frequency sound waves from equipment and materials in motion and reacts instantly to changes in solids flow to warn of blockages, product absence, or equipment failure such as burst filter bags.


  • Operating with a SITRANS CU02 control unit, the system detects conditions of high flow, low flow or no flow
  • The non-invasive design requires little or no maintenance
  • Mulitple mounting options, screw in, bolt on, weld, or bond in place
  • With a high and low sensitivity range of operation, the sensor offers an exceptionally wide range of application capabilities
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