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Product Code: PROFIBUS

Manufacturer: Siemens


  • A uniform modular system from the sensor into the control level enables new plant concepts
  • Problem-free exchangeability of field devices, including from different manufacturers, that comply with the standard profile
  • Networking of transmitters, valves, actuators, etc.
  • Implementation of intrinsically safe applications through use of the field bus in hazardous areas
  • Easy installation of 2-wire lines for joint energy supply and data transmission
  • Reduced cabling costs through savings of material and installation time
  • Reduced configuration costs through central, simple engineering of the field devices (PROFIBUS PA and HART with SIMATIC PDM, also cross-vendor)
  • Fast and error-free installation
  • Lower service costs thanks to simpler wiring and plant structure plus extensive diagnosis options
  • Greatly reduced commissioning costs through simplified loop check
  • Scaling/digitizing of the measured values in the field device already, hence no rescaling necessary in SIMATIC PCS 7

PROFIBUS is suitable for fast communication with distributed I/Os (PROFIBUS DP) in production automation as well as for communication tasks in process automation (PROFIBUS PA). It is the first field bus system that meets the demands of both areas with identical communication services.

The transmission technique of the PROFIBUS PA is tailored to the needs of the process industry. Interoperability between field devices from different manufacturers and remote parameterization of the field devices during operation are guaranteed by the standardized communication services.

Using SIMATIC PDM (Process Device Manager), a uniform and cross-vendor tool for configuring, parameterizing, commissioning and diagnosis of intelligent process devices on the PROFIBUS, it is possible to configure a wide variety of process devices from different manufacturers using one uniform graphical user interface.

PROFIBUS PA can just as readily used in standard environments as well as hazardous areas. For use in hazardous areas, PROFIBUS PA and all connected devices have to be designed with type of explosion protection Ex [i].

The uniform protocol of PROFIBUS DP and PROFIBUS PA enables the two networks to be interlinked, thus combining time-based performance with intrinsically safe transmission.

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