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Siemens OXYMAT 6 Extractive

Siemens OXYMAT 6 Extractive

Siemens OXYMAT 6 Extractive

Product Code: OXYMAT 6

Manufacturer: Siemens


  • Paramagnetic alternating pressure principle
    • Small measuring ranges (0 to 0.5% or 99.5 to 100% O2)
    • Absolute linearity
  • Detector element has no contact with the sample gas
    • Can be used under harsh conditions
    • Long service life
  • Physically suppressed zero through suitable selection of reference gas (air or O2), e.g. 98 to 100% O2 for purity monitoring/air separation
  • Open interface architecture (RS 485, RS 232, PROFIBUS)
  • SIPROM GA network for maintenance and service information (option)
  • Electronics and physics: gas-tight isolation, purging is possible, IP65, long service life even in harsh environments (field device only)
  • Heated versions (option), use also in presence of gases condensing at low temperature (field device only)
  • EEx(p) for zones 1 and 2 according to ATEX 2G and ATEX 3G (field device only)
Fields of application
  • For boiler control in incineration plants
  • In safety-related areas
  • In the automotive industry (testbed systems)
  • Warning equipment
  • In chemical plants
  • For ultra-pure gas quality monitoring
  • Environmental protection
  • Quality monitoring
  • Inert gas monitoring with certified gas warning equipment (DMT certificate)
  • Versions for analyzing flammable and non-flammable gases or vapors for use in hazardous areas
Special versions

Special applications

Besides the standard combinations, special applications concerning the material in the gas path and the material in the sample chambers are also available on request.

TÜV version QAL

As a reference variable for emission measurements according to TA-Luft, 13th and 17th BlmSchV

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