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Siemens MAXUM edition II

Siemens MAXUM edition II

Siemens MAXUM edition II

Product Code: MAXUM edition II

Manufacturer: Siemens


MAXUM edition II with its combination of different analytical components offers a wide range of analytical possibilities. It is therefore possible to solve highly different measuring tasks with just one product. This reduces the costs for investment, training and stocking of spare parts.

The MAXUM edition II platform offers:

  • Numerous oven configurations permit an optimum solution for almost every application
  • Numerous types of detector and valve for the optimum analytical solution
  • Intelligent electronics, local operation and central workstation for fast and simple operation, monitoring and maintenance
  • Powerful software for best results
  • Comprehensive I/Os and serial interfaces for internal and central interfacing
  • Versatile networking possibilities for central maintenance and secure data transfer
  • Many analytical possibilities as result of large application database
  • Large and experienced support team provides global support
Hardware and software features

Simultaneous applications

Use one MAXUM edition II to provide the functionality of multiple GCs.

Parallel chromatography

Separate complex analytical tasks into simple parallel tasks and shorten analysis times.

Low operating costs

Flexible oven concept results in low consumption of air and energy.

Chemical industry
  • Monitoring of benzene in styrene in the ppb range
  • Traces of residual gases in ultra-pure gases
  • Determination of traces of hydrocarbons in air separation plants
  • Fast analysis of CS2 and H2S in seconds
  • Fast measurement of C6 to C8 aromatic compounds including the measurement of C9+ aromatics
  • Monitoring of hydrogen in chlor-alkali plants
  • Measurement of sulfurous components
  • Measurement of C9 to C18 paraffins
  • Determination of vinyl chloride in room air in a 60-second cycle
  • Gas analysis during manufacture of vinyl chloride monomer (VCM)
Oil & gas
  • Crack gas analysis
  • Natural gas: Chromatographic determination of the calorific value
  • Fast determination of benzene in naphtha
  • Determination of high boiling aromatics in a distillation fraction
  • Fast measurement of acetylene in ethylene
  • Total sulfur in petrol and diesel
Water/waste water
  • Determination of halogenated hydrocarbons
  • Simultaneous determination of chlorinated hydrocarbons, aromatics and alcohols in water
  • Wastewater monitoring with PGC and stripper
Power engineering
  • Power generation in coal-fired power plant.
Automotive industry
  • Fast analytical measurement of methane in car exhausts
  • High-speed chromatography for small molecules in propellants
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