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Siemens MASS 2100 DI 1.5 Flow sensors

Siemens MASS 2100 DI 1.5 Flow sensors

Siemens MASS 2100 DI 1.5 Flow sensors

Product Code: MASS 2100 DI 1.5

Manufacturer: Siemens


  • High accuracy better than 0.1 % of mass flow rate
  • Large dynamic turn-down ratio better than 500:1, from 30 kg/h to a few g/h
  • Densitometer performance available through a density accuracy better than 0.001 g/cm3 with a repeatability better than 0,0002 g/cm3
  • Single continuous tube design, with no internal welds, reductions or flow splitters offers optimal hygiene, safety and CIP cleanability for food and beverage and pharmaceutical applications
  • Markets biggest wall thickness, ensuring optimal life-time and corrosion resistance and high-pressure durability
  • Balanced pipe design with little mechanical energy-loss, ensures optimal performance and stability under non-ideal and unstable process conditions (pressure, temperature, density-changes etc.).
  • 4-wire Pt1000 temperature measurement ensures optimum accuracy on mass flow, density and fraction flow.
  • Multi-plug electrical connector & SENSORPROM enables true “plug & play”. Installation and commissioning in less than 10 min.
  • Intrinsically safe Ex ia design as standard
  • Sensor pipe available in high-quality stainless steel AISI 316L/1.4435 or Hastelloy C22/2.4602 offering optimum corrosion resistance.
  • Dual-drive pick-up and driver construction facilitate ultra low-weight pipe construction giving the market’s smallest and most stable zero point
  • Rugged and space-saving sensor design in stainless steel matching all environments
  • High-pressure program as standard
  • The sensor calibration factor is also valid for gas measurement.


In many industries such as the food and beverage or pharmaceutical industry, accurate recipe control means everything. The MASS 2100 DI 1.5 has demonstrated superior performance in numerous applications and field trails relating to accuracy and turn-down ratio. It is today the preferred meter for research and development and mini-plant applications for liquid or gas measurement, where measuring small quantities is important.

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