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Siemens Extractive CALOMAT 62

Siemens Extractive CALOMAT 62

Siemens Extractive CALOMAT 62

Product Code: CALOMAT 62

Manufacturer: Siemens


  • Universally applicable hardware basis
  • Integrated correction of cross-interference, no external calculation required
  • Open interface architecture (RS 485, RS 232, PROFIBUS)
  • SIPROM GA network for maintenance and servicing information (option)
  • Electronics and analyzer unit: gas-tight isolation, purging is possible, IP65, long service life even in harsh environments (field device)
Fields of application
  • Chlorine-alkali electrolysis
  • Metallurgy (steel production and processing)
  • H2 measurement in LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) process
  • Ammonia synthesis
  • Fertilizer production
  • Petrochemicals
Special versions

Special applications

In addition to the standard combinations, special applications are also available upon request (e.g. higher sample gas pressure up to 2 000 hPa absolute).

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