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Liebherr Planarsensor P45-GD

Liebherr Planarsensor P45-GD

Liebherr Planarsensor P45-GD

Product Code: P45-GD

Manufacturer: Liebherr

The self-sufficient measuring device for precise water content/moisture determination in the running process guarantees the highest quality and safety in EX-protected production environments, the further processing and refinement of very many emulsions and bulk materials.

The PC software enables fast and accurate calibration of the measured sections.

Liebherr offers sensors for the following device protection categories:

Gas EX-protection:

II 1/2 G Ex ia IIC T6 Ga

Dust EX-protection:

II 1/2 D Ex ia IIIC T85 °C Da

The sensors are installed directly in pipes or in tanks.

The sensors are used, for example, in oils, crude oils, paints, lacquers, ethanol, solvents as well as in bulk materials under explosive conditions.

The WMS II sensors are permitted for the following markets:

In addition to their high precision and robustness, the measuring devices from Bad Schussenried are characterised by their reproducibility.

Once the system has been calibrated, further measuring points can be set up or devices renewed on this basis at any time without great effort. The plant thus always remains reliable, regardless of its previous term and age.

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