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Siemens HART protocol

Siemens HART protocol

Siemens HART protocol

Product Code: HART protocol

Manufacturer: Siemens


  • Service-proven analog measured value transmission
  • Simultaneous digital communication with bidirectional data transmission
  • Possibility of transmitting several measured variables from one field device (e.g. diagnosis, maintenance and process data)
  • Connection to higher-level systems such as PROFIBUS DP
  • Easy installation and startup

Use in conjunction with SIMATIC PDM

  • Cross-vendor operation of all HART devices by means of standardized parameter records
  • HART field devices that are described by HART DD are integrated in SIMATIC PDM through the HCF catalog. HART DD (Device Description) is standardized in SIMATIC PDM, multi-vendor and very widely used. Other HART field devices are integrated in SIMATIC PDM through EDD (Electronic Device Description)
  • Easy operation and startup of field devices, also in
  • hard-to-reach locations
  • Expanded diagnosis, evaluation and logging functions

These devices can be connected in different ways:

  • Using the distributed I/O system
    – SIMATIC ET 200M with the HART modules
    – SIMATIC ET 200iSP with the HART modules
    or with analog modules 4 to 20 mA and a HART handheld communicator
  • Using a HART modem, with which a point-to-point connection is established between the PC or engineering station and the HART device
  • Using HART multiplexers, which are contained in the HART server of the HCF
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